Sunday, August 14, 2016

How to Create, Build and Grow Communities that are Interest and Location Specific

Plum's latest features allow any user to create Plum Groups which are interest and location specific.
  • Want to create a local group to talk about Pokemon Go in your area?  
  • Want to find people in your metro area that share your concern about Diabetes?  
  • Want to build a community to talk about your local select baseball team?

All it takes is 3 steps.
  1. Create your Plum Group and setup Auto Recruiting filters.
  2. Build your community by sharing your group link with others you know will be interested.  Sometimes you need to kickstart a group with people you know.
  3. Grow your community with Plum's help as each user that shares your groups interests and location will get invited to join your group.  
Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create a new location/interest based community:

Plum is making it easy for people to find the communities that interest them.  Whether it's about the passions or concerns you share, your current location, or the websites you visit; Plum enables you to connect with new people and in new ways that no other community platform provides.  

It takes time to build a community like Plum to the point it can thrive and we need your help.  Join Plum, create and participate in groups and of course invite your friends to go to to join the fun.