Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interest Graph Targetting

How many of you get your news and information of the latest trends on the internet? For those of you that said you do not, stop lying. And for those of you that said yes, of course it is! Where else can you get every piece of information you need or learn endless information that you may never need all at the touch of your fingertips?! The internet is a beautiful place.

Next question, where do you get most of your news from? What is your go-to? For many of us it can be Facebook, twitter, tumblr, Buzzfeed, the list can go on forever. One of my personal favorites is FlipBoard! I tell it all my interests and it provides me with news stories based on what I think I need to know.

What do all these news sources have in common though? One word: Advertisements. They can be extremely irritating and often distracting. Every social media forum you go on, you can count on them to follow. What a lot of different forums have become great at though, is targeting different ads to different people based on personality.

Recently, FlipBoard has taken this strategy a step further by figuring out what common interests people may have based on interest graphs. An example cited from their head of advertising products is that they have found that people who are interested in coffee are typically interested in craft beer. Therefore it would be a great target audience for craft beer advertisers that may not have been thought of initially. How revolutionary right? Advertisers have found yet another way to target us on our social media!

Now I know what some of you are thinking, "Why on Earth would I be happy about advertisement? Why can't they use this technology for something helpful or useful?" Well I've got great news for you! That is exactly what Plum does!

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