Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Paradise or Adventure

Hey everyone, Cherry again! Today, I want you all to listen to me complain. Let me paint a picture for you. I am all bundled up with a fleece jacket, thick leggings underneath my jeans, a knitted beanie covering up my ears. At this point my nose is Rudolph red and fingers have lost all feeling, and I am not sure I can continue on in my trek. To make the situation even better, the sky above turns grey and decides to rain down on me just to remind me that I should have stayed in my warm, cozy bed this morning. This bleak, depressive picture was my morning on my way to class last week. The dispiriting weather had me at a lost of what to do. Naturally, I started dreaming of being far, far away from this icy, wet tundra we call Texas (I know what you're thinking, shh just let it go). I realized what I really needed was a vacation. So I came up with two different options of where I'd like to be the most. 

Option 1: Paradise! I could be on the first plane to Hawaii, the best place on the planet. Imagine lounging on the soft beach, and feeling the smooth sand between your toes. Reading your favorite novel while shading yourself underneath a majestic palm tree all while taking occasional sips of fresh coconut water. Your background music is the sound of the great waves crashing ashore and some distant Hawaiian music on a ukulele that you can't tell where its coming from but you're okay with it because you assume the islands just come with soothing background music (yes, they do). Everything about this picture feels so refreshing and effortlessly beautiful! I can almost feel the Aloha spirit just writing all this out. If you can't, here is a picture to put you in the right mindset: 

Option 2: Adventure! Maybe laziness is not the way to go, how about a great hike? I can promise, you are not thinking big enough. Imagine the grand adventure to the top of Machu Picchu. Travel back in time to the ancient Incan culture while trekking through the riveting peaks and plateaus of the mountain range. Think of the accomplishment you would feel atop the soaring Andes peaks. Breathing in the refreshing mountain air and realizing you are looking upon what few get to experience in their life time. As you learn about the history of the area, you can't help but feel a spiritual connection to the ruins as you keep climbing through imaging living out here yourself. It could be the adventure of a lifetime. After you see this picture of it below, I am sure you'll be joining me.

Even though the weather has gotten better here in Texas, thinking about these two life-changing locations is making me want to start packing right this second. Anywhere but here please. So what do you think? Where do you want to go? Paradise or Adventure? (Both?!) Or maybe, there's a better vacation spot I haven't even thought of. Any and all vacation tips, information, and dreams are welcome. 

And don't forget PLUM is opening up our beta soon, and we have communities of people like you and me craving a vacation ready to talk about all the possibilities out there whether it be paradise or adventure! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Do You Ever Feel Clueless?

Hi Plum Users! I am Plum's newest member, Cherry (and yes, my name is also a fruit). Jason, Russell, and Dee have all welcomed me to the team with lots of kindness, and I could not be more excited! A little background about me is that I am a junior in college working as a marketing intern, who is basically in charge of herself. So in other words, I have no idea what I am doing. I often feel like this dog right here:

And as cute as he is, for a student on the brink of the real world, it's a pretty scary feeling. So how do people overcome this fear? The constant fear of not knowing what to do is a daunting and unavoidable fear (unless you choose to never leave your bed, is it too late for that option?). I think one of the biggest things to remember is to just remember to breathe. That's right. I think the easiest part that most of us tend to forget is to relax and remember that you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Now I know what you're all thinking. "Yes, Cherry, we took a breath, but now what? That doesn't teach us how to do anything and everything. What is the next step?" Well to answer that, let me tell you the reason I decided to join the Plum team.

When I came in for the interview, I had no idea what Russell was about to pitch to me. I was more focused on answering all the right questions in all the right ways, as my college career center had taught me to do. Once he began to explain the concept of Plum , a new social media that would anonymously get you in touch with people you wanted to get in touch with, I was taken aback. Not only did the idea appeal to me as a millennial involved with social media; but also it reminded me, a scared student, that the world is literally at my finger tips,  that there is so much I can learn, there are so many discussions to be had and questions to be answered, but mostly that there are People Like You and Me out there.

So there is your answer! Confused? The next step is understanding that there are so many people that you can talk to, people you can meet, people who care about the same things that you care about, people just like you. So next time you want to set your mind to anything, take a deep breath and remember you are not alone. Learning all you want to learn is just one click and one conversation away.

I want to invite you to join Plum to see how easy it is to find new people and learn new ideas. Regardless of what your interests are, regardless of what you want to talk about, regardless of what you think you'll find; give it a shot! After all, there's always going to be People Like You and Me.