Friday, January 9, 2015

A Social Network for the Non-Narcissist

We keep getting asked who is your target customer and until now I've had a less than ideal answer.  Investors don't want to hear that we want to build a cool social network with a unique value proposition for the entire world.  That changed when my partner, Jason Cone, recently described why he believed enough in People Like You and Me (Plum for short) to throw his lot in with me.

"I really… really… like helping people. I will go out of my way, provide any amount of time, and supply any amount of resource to help someone that could use my help. At the same time, I don’t have an effective way to make myself available to those who could use my set of skills. Plum solves a large component of this problem by connecting me to people based on the interests that we have in common. Existing social networks are completely deficient in this respect, which is a huge reason why I’m not active on any of them. In order to have a beneficial voice, you have to constantly generate content (that others find interesting and cause them to “follow” you) and continually evaluate connections to people to ensure that your audience is who you think they are. Plum largely removes this task by providing me with an in-the-moment audience to whom I can provide assistance and from whom I can solicit help. You might say that Plum is a social network for the non-narcissist."

Now, don't get us wrong, narcissists are encouraged to participate in Plum but the point remains - we are building Plum for people to automatically and continuously connect with others based on common interests so they can share stories, answers, help, and support.  Plum is targeted to the introverts like Jason and the extroverts like myself who want to cut to the chase of a social interaction. We don't have the time or motivation to do the work it takes to have 5 much less 5 million followers within other social networks.  This is just one persona of our target market however now when I get the question, "who are your target users?", I can confidently respond that we are building Plum for people like you and me, whether a narcissist or not.

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